This Was House – Finished Screenprints

It’s about bloody time I put these up really, and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Here’s the image exposing on the screen:

It’s a pretty big image (almost A2) so I had to get a massive piece of glass to press it down, luckily I managed to get hold of this old coffee table top for only 2 quid, bargain.

Unfortunately, with such a big image, it imperative that the light source is centred above it, and mine was not, which resulted in the near edge being somewhat overexposed, while the rest of it was perfectly done. This meant that some of the detail was lost on the left hand side, so I used some emulsion to paint directly onto the screen. This actually turned out really well, and means that there are some more painterly marks mixed in with the more detailed drawn parts.

It was quite tricky getting an even print on such a big image, but I quite like the fact that each print is slightly different. The black was screen printed over hand painted backgrounds. Check it out (click on images to see them fullsize):

These prints are now on sale on my website:

and on my new Etsy shop!:

tell your family and friends!

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