Lebbeus Woods’ High Houses

You gotta check out these incredible designs by American architect Lebbeus Woods.  You can see all the images on his blog here.

“The High Houses are proposed as part of the reconstruction of Sarajevo after the siege of the city that lasted from 1992 though late 1995. Their site is the badly damaged ‘old tobacco factory’ in the Marijn dvor section near the city center.”

“The houses rise up high into the airspace once occupied by falling mortar and artillery shells fired by the city’s besiegers in the surrounding mountains. By occupying the airspace, the High Houses reclaim it for the people of the city….Stabilized by steel cables anchored to the site, the houses, poised like catapults, fulfill the paradoxical desire to fly and at the same time be rooted in their place of origin.”

I think the artwork is really incredible, combining retro-futuristic rendering and a literally strident design to create something very science fiction, yet playfully ramshackle, in  a way that brings to mind the clunking creations of Hayao Miyazaki.

There’s a load of other crazy things on his blog, like this:


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One response to “Lebbeus Woods’ High Houses

  1. liked the roots and wire, I can see why, as a drummer you would like it.

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