Wolves In The Throne Room Poster

Here we go, one hell of an extreme metal showdown from Fat Out Till You Pass Out. Giants of the UK black metal scene Wolves In The Throne Room will be joined by Wodensthrone, a black metal outfit from Sunderland who have been at the receiving end of a lot of buzz since the release of their huge 2009 album ‘Loss’. Check out the numerous and glowing reviews here!  Also playing will be Cloaca from Ipswich/London, the new project of Atavist’s Chris Naughton.

Should be an epic and immersive night! You can get cheaper advance tickets at http://www.wegottickets.com/event/75894

here’s the flyer, this will be available as a big and beautiful screenprint on the night and off my website in due time:

Currently Listening to: Grails


4 responses to “Wolves In The Throne Room Poster

  1. What’s the font for the title?
    I’ll send you some badman fonts. Haha

    • which title? the wolves in the throne room thing is their logo, which I had to draw with my tablet in order to have it high res. I have a bizarre selection of fonts largely determined by the fact that I use linux which can be restricting unless you know your shit. I don’t know my shit.

  2. ah, thought you’d made the wolves one.
    looks nice. What type of font can you use?

    • to be honest I have never done my homework on the matter, looks like I can use truetype, type1, opentype….a variety. I think I’ve worked out how to add them now as well. You should email me some good uns!

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