Screen printed posters!

thought I’d better get a couple pictures of these up. This first one was done for the ala muerte show on april fools day, which was awesome. I managed to sell a couple of prints and swap a few for various albums and other things on the night.

This next one was a bit trickier, and it took a couple of goes to get the exposure right for the line work. The print outs I had weren’t good enough so I just drew over all the linework on the positive with a sharpie, which worked brilliantly, although it meant the lines were a little thicker than I wanted them to be. I started out printing a yellow-ish skin colour which covers the legs and snakes, then mixed the blue with more medium than usual so it was more transparent, and printed that over the background and snakes. This means the snakes come out a greenish blue colour where the blue ink has semi-covered the yellow. I started out printing the linework in black, but because the lines were slightly thicker than intended they were a bit overpowering, so I mixed it down to a softer slate grey, which works well with the blue also I think.

I apologise for the slightly poor images, it’s hard to capture colours of course, but you get a good idea. Unfortunately, although the night was amazing in musical terms, it was a Sunday and there weren’t many people there, so I only got to sell a couple of posters, but I did also manage to swap one with Bill Horist for his album Covelant Lodge, which is a beautiful collaborative chamber piece with some pretty fancy finger pickin’.

To do both these prints I’ve been going to Hot Bed Press, an open-access print studio in Salford. It’s a really friendly place and they’ve got equipment for almost any kind of printmaking, and it costs £1.50 an hour (excl. materials) which isn’t too bad.I’m really excited to start printing the wolves in the throne room posters; I think tickets are selling fast and it looks like it’s gonna be quite a night.

I’ve got a couple of the ala muerte ones left and about 8 of the master musicians ones, so I’ll be putting them up in my shop on my website soon for dirt cheap! If you’re interested, they’re printed on 300gsm Snowdon cartridge paper, and measure, at a guess, about 80 x 30cm.

Currently listening to: Bill Horist – Covalent Lodge (North Pole Records)


3 responses to “Screen printed posters!

  1. As soon as you put those master musicians ones up, you’ll have a few less.

  2. I’ll have one of the Bill Horist posters please! Excellent!

  3. I’ll have a Bill Horist poster please. Excellent!


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