I am an artist/illustrator living in Manchester. This blog will be cataloguing my adventures in trying to get set up as a working illustrator, and hopefully may contain some helpful info for people in a similar situation.

Check out my website for lots of artwork and other stuff:


3 responses to “About

  1. Love your work !!! Do you sell your pieces online? I saw your website, and your art, but no a way to buy or get prices. Thanks for the article on using dirt and ash to make inks/paints. I have done some of that myself, and had a lot of fun at it, but I am not very talented as an artist, so I do it just for fun. Thanks again

  2. Hi James,
    thanks for your kind comments. I don’t have my pieces available to buy online unfortunately, but if you are interested in anything and would like to know a price, feel free to email me: mjfchance (at) gmail (dot com)

    This blog is quite old – I now live in London and run an art gallery / studio in Hoxton called Mercer Chance. If you’re ever in London, let me know and I could show you some of my work in real life (much better than bad images online!)

  3. Thanks for the invitation. I don’t think that trip will happen for a long time. It’s been ten years since I’ve had a vacation, and I think my next trip to Europe will be to Spain, to do some rock climbing. Mostly working, trying to retire to Italy so I can see all the things I would have seen if I were born over there. Thanks for the reply

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