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screen-printing FATZINE Issue 3!

Take a look at these mothers!

We’ve finally finished putting together the third issue of Fatzine, which has the theme of politics, for obvious reasons. The last few days I’ve been at Hot Bed Press in Salford, screenprinting this 4 colour (3 separation) design on the front of every fresh copy… that’s 150 copies, so yeah, it took a while.

It looks so good though.

Polly wanted some graffiti done for the front cover to tie in with our interview with Manchester-based street artist kElzO, and the graffiti theme we ran with inside, so she got in touch with Nathan Thoday, one of our friends from school, who whipped up this amazing design for us:

Nathan’s always been so good at lettering and this is no exception, I love it. You should also definitely check out his new enterprise, ATD Apparel (Attention To Detail), which has a group on facebook, and I think he’s making a website soon.

we wanted to spray the front covers, so Nathan also made this intricate stencil:

unfortunately polly forgot to mention it had to be small enough to fit on the A5 front cover, and this one was more like A3 in length. We decided that it was gonna be too hard to cut out a stencil at A5 size, so I went about preparing some separations so I could screen-print it instead.

First I photocopied the stencil and reduced it..

Then I drew three separations from this on bits of tracing paper:

I wanted to use the gradient shading from the original drawing but you have to do it as little dots, which works with screen-printing.

I decided to go for red, yellow and blue, seeing as it’s the politics issue after all, but then when I was setting up the last drop shadow layer, I couldn’t resist getting some green in there, so the shadow has a green to blue gradient.

I really like the texture of it, it looks kinda rough but it’s a hand drawn design and it suits that;  it works without needing to be polished and graphic.

Here’s a little preview of what you will see in this issue:

You’ll be able to order one of these for £1 (to cover postage) or download a pdf version at fatout.co.uk

Also I’ve got a few of those Master Musicians posters left for only 7 quid at mjfchance.co.uk

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