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Birdbook Illustrations Part 2

here’s the second lino cut for the Bird Book project. It’s a sparrowhawk.

notice the nifty x-shaped lino to reduce marks off the sides of the print

the final scan:

this is available to buy on my website.

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Bird book illustrations part 1

here’s some illustrations I’ve been working on for a poetry anthology called (for now) The Bird Book. It will be published by Sidekick Books, a young imprint from the folks that bring you Fuselit, which is a london based literary arts magazine that you should definitely check out. Sidekick books specialise in collaborative projects, bringing together the work of lots of different poets and illustrators and presenting them in rather excellent themed anthologies. It will be interesting to see the final copy because I’ve done these illustrations without having seen the poems that will eventually accompany them, so they may well be complimentary, but it’s equally likely that they’ll rub against each other in some way. I don’t see this as a bad thing though; I like the idea of producing an image with relatively open meaning and then giving it up, handing it away to see where others will take it.

I’m making three images, the first two of which are lino cuts, whilst the third will be an etching. The images will be in black and white in the actual book, so I’ve done the prints in grey tones to ensure that they will end up how I intend them to be, also, it’s a lot easier to print without colour considerations, and they look pretty sweet in the end to boot. All these prints will be available to buy on my website.

Here’s the first one, its a Kite.

With this print I wanted to experiment with different inking methods, as you will see below. Many people think lino cuts are quite limited and simplistic, but this is not the case at all, there are so many different textures and effects you can achieve by manipulating different stages of the process. You can see some different effects here, by the bird’s head. The first has had ink rubbed away with tissue, the second with scrunched up paper, and the third has had ink scratched off with a knife. This is done to the lino itself after inking and before printing.

Moving on…

Here’s a scan of one of the final prints:

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